Start Your Scooter
Rental Business

Spring provides software, hardware, and support at no upfront cost.


Rider Apps

Get a custom app in a day

Riders sign up, enter payment, and start riding in under a minute.

Choose a brand and color scheme then your app will be live the next day.


Manage thousands of vehicles with ease

Spring brings the expertise of Scooter Map to super-power your operations with task assignment, issue tracking, and more.

Lower your operations cost and increase your profit.


Buy connected scooters at cost

We buy in bulk so that you get a discount. Our partners include Segway, Acton, SuperPedestrian, and more.

Or bring your own vehicle and we will integrate it. We support Omni and CoModule IOT out of the box.

Government Relations

Win a permit for your city

Share data in GBFS and MDS formats with your city. Geofence riding and parking areas.

Choose from one of our insurance options.

Our Support

Use our industry knowledge

We're here to answer your questions and implement solutions.

Your success is our success.

"Spring helped me get my custom scooters up and running in Detroit. With thousands of rides complete, we are preparing to launch in 2 new cities soon!"

Emil Nnani
Founder & CEO, Boaz Bikes

"We were able to quickly launch a fleet and test our docking solution using Spring. We make charging docks and Spring let’s us focus on what we do best."

Scott Spitler
Co-Founder & CTO, KUHMUTE