Brooklyness: A Scooter as a Subscription

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October 28, 2019

This week I visited Brooklyness' office in... Manhattan.

Brooklyness offers a scooter as a subscription. You pay $100 for the first month and $40 for the each following month to get a scooter and any maintenance you need along the way.

Steven and Manuel in the Brooklyness office (and service center) in New York.

Brooklyness started in 2015 with an electric bike. They used their e-bike experience to design a scooter ideal for a subscription. Their scooter allows for easier maintenance and weighs less than the shared scooters of Bird and Lime.

The New York Subway handles 6 million rides every day and New Yorkers have over a million cars so scooters have a long way to go. But Brooklyness has fully booked out a few hundred scooters and is awaiting another thousand in early 2020.

At Spring, we are now focused on helping shared scooter companies get started — companies that buy and rent out scooters by the minute. But we plan on offering software to help companies like Brooklyness soon...

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