Creating a Geofence

Posted on
October 31, 2019

A geofence is an invisible geographical boundary you can use to encourage rider behavior by slowing or shutting down scooters.

Spring's geofence support lets you create geofences in the admin dashboard and have them be instantly visible to your riders. Let's walk through the process of creating one of these fences.

Admin Dashboard

When creating a geofence you only need 3 things


Where the fence is located or what it's for (ex: Golden Gate Park)


What behavior the geofence has.

Supported types:

  • shutdown zones: any vehicle in this zone has it's throttle disabled
  • slow down zones: max speed is reduced
  • operations zones: helpful zones visible only to operators


The actual shape and location of the geofence. Can play with geoJSON here.

Rider App

The geofence will immediately be visible in the rider app after it's created. Any vehicles operating in your new zones will behave just the way you want them to (shutting down, slowing down, etc)!

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