Customize Your App with Local Language, Date, and Currency

Posted on
March 13, 2020

With Spring, you can customize your app to suit your brand and your riders. That means you can set up your own onboarding, theme your app from your dashboard, use a custom payment processor, and more.

Today, we're happy to announce that you can fully localize your app. If your riders speak Spanish, your app should be in Spanish. If they speak Swedish, your app should be in Swedish. Hey, even if your riders speak Elvish, we can help you set that up.

Localization doesn't end with language. Depending on your user's location it may make sense to use meters instead of miles and even display the date as DD/MM instead of MM/DD. Your riders will see what makes sense to them!

Another nice thing about translation is that you can override our English copy. If we have a button that says "Start Your Ride", you'll be able to change it to "Get Goin".

You're able to update translation and localization settings for your app on the admin dashboard.

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