Launch a Fleet of NIU Mopeds

Posted on
February 27, 2020

At Spring, we have been mostly working with and writing about kick scooter companies. But please don't get us wrong. We can support more than just kick scooters.

Recently, we've launched a company in India with e-bikes and several companies using their own, proprietary hardware. We're here to support you no matter what vehicle you want to use.

Today, we're excited to announce support for NIU mopeds. NIU makes one of the leading shared electric mopeds and power many fleets including Revel and Movo.

I've ridden a few of the NIU mopeds and they are a lot of fun. While mopeds have always been popular in Europe and Southeast Asia, moped adoption in the car-centric US has been slow. But this is starting to change! More and more city folk are finding that mopeds are the fastest, most fun way to get around.

You can read more about NIU mopeds here and please reach out to us with any questions.

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