Vehicle Options

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February 27, 2020

Segway MAX

Manufacturer Website

Cost: Medium — ~ $700

Durability: High

Acton M-Pro

Cost: Medium — ~ $575

Durability: High


Cost: High — ~$800

Durability: High

SuperPedestrian is still in development. We will update this once their scooter is live.


More information coming soon.

Segway ES Series — ES2 / ES4

These are being phased out in favor of the Segway MAX.

Manufacturer Website

Our Review

Cost: Low — ~ $4-500

Durability: Medium

ES4 — out of stock

ES2 — few left in stock

Omni Bike Locks

Image result for ofo bike lock

Cost: Low — ~$50

Durability: High

These are locks that you attach on bikes.

Bring Your Own Scooter / Bike / Moped

We also work with operators who use vehicles that are not on the above list. With Spring, you have the flexibility to use your own manufacturer / hardware.

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