Vehicle Review: Segway ES Series

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October 23, 2019

The Segway introduced the ES Series in late 2017 as the successor to the Xiaomi m365.

Bird launched with the m365 right in September of 2017 giving Segway little time to incorporate learnings from Bird's launch. The ES series, while often used for sharing, was designed for consumers.

The ES series has 4 models — ES1, ES2, ES3, and ES4.

Side Note: Ninebot is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2012. Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics conglomerate, invested $X0 million in Ninebot. Then in 2015, Ninebot bought the Segway brand.

So scooters made by Ninebot, Xiaomi, and Segway are all made by the same manufacturer. They are just branded differently.


The ES1 and ES2 have one battery in the front stem. The ES3 and ES4 have an additional battery attached to the front stem. Newer versions of the ES4 wrap the additional battery in a protective roll cage.

Consumer vs Sharing

The consumer model has a foldable front stem to make it easier for riders to put in a car or take on public transit. You can identify the consumer scooters above because they have a little nub sticking out at the bottom of the front stem.

The sharing model doesn't fold and includes an IOT unit that allows the operator to remotely track and control the scooters.



Weight — 30.9 lbs

Range — Segway advertises 28 miles but we have found 15 miles to be more realistic.

Tires — 8" Front, 7.5" Rear — Solid tires

Brakes — Two brakes. Footbrake on the back wheel and a left thumb brake that applies an electronic brake to the front wheel.

Motor — Driven by front wheel.


For sharing, you should buy the ES4. The extra battery gives the scooter a lot more range which means the scooter lasts longer. JUMP, Lyft, Lime, and other sharing companies have all used the ES4 in their fleets.

The ES4 is a comfortable scooter. At 30 lbs, pretty light so it's easy to maneuver and has a quick start.

But the ES4 suffers from some durability issues due to it originally being designed for consumer usage. The ES4 lasts longest when riders treat the scooter with care.


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