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November 5, 2019


Branded Rider Apps — iOS and Android. Use your branding and customize your pricing, geofence zones, docks, and more.

Operations Apps — Charge and maintain your vehicles. Empower your operations team. We made Scooter Map, the #1 app for operations, and we incorporate those learnings into the operations apps.

Web Admin Dashboard — View business health and manage customer support.

Analytics Dashboard — Look at patterns across your business and understand the competitive landscape.

IOT Connectivity — Our backend lets you easily manage thousands of connected devices.

Scooters Sold at Cost — We buy in bulk from scooter manufacturers so that you get a discount.


Local companies are the future of micromobility. As a local company, you tailor your company to fit your community while working with the local government.

So at Spring, we want to make our pricing affordable to help new companies get started:

$10 / month / scooter

We didn't forget to mention an upfront fee, because there isn't one! And our contract is monthly, so if we aren't providing a good service, you aren't locked in.

As for other costs, we made a website "Can I Kick It?" which breaks down unit economics and costs.

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