Vehicle Review: Acton M-Pro

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October 23, 2019

Acton started out 5 years ago in Los Angeles and launched a quirky 3 wheeled scooter. While that didn't catch on, they followed it with the Blink electric skateboard which now tops the Wirecutter's recommendations beating out Boosted.

In 2018, Acton launched the M-Pro, a scooter designed for fleets. That means it's heavy and designed to take a beating. While the Segway ES2 comes in at 27.5 lbs, the Acton M-Pro is nearly double that at 50 lbs.


Weight — 50 lbs

Range — 31 miles (we have found less in our testing)

Tires — 10" airless

Top Speed — 15 mph

Suspension — Double suspension on the front tire. Smooths out the ride.

Battery — Battery is in the deck which lowers the center of gravity on the scooter and makes the ride comfortable.

Brakes — Left hand-brake. The brake is both electric and mechanical. When you pull the brake at the start it engages an electric brake, then as you pull more a disk brake on the back tire engages.

Motor — Driven by back wheel.


The Acton M-Pro is a great, durable scooter designed for fleets. The M-Pro durability suits it for public shared use.


We can ship Acton M-Pros from the US and China. Click the button below to contact us and get pricing.

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