Vehicle Review: Segway MAX Scooter

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November 29, 2019

In late 2017, Bird launched with the Segway m365 scooter. Since then Segway (which is the same company as Xiaomi and Ninebot) has been a leading manufacturer for shared scooters.

Segway launched the Segway MAX a few months ago and it's already being used by Spin and Lyft. The MAX is the first Segway scooter designed for sharing, not consumers. While the ES series was popular with scooter companies, the MAX is a big improvement over the ES as it's much more durable.


Weight — 41 lbs

Range — Segway advertises 40 miles but we have found 20 miles to be more realistic.

Tires — 10" pneumatic

Brakes — Brake lever on the left handle. No step brake on the back wheel.

Motor — Driven by back wheel.

Video Review

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